GONG Netherlands is a full-service, digital creative agency with a unique approach to marketing communication and a very competitive pricing:

  • 360 Communication with a Digital Heart:GONG NL combines the strength of traditional media with the power of interaction and dialogue of digital media in order to develop efficient and effective campaigns.
  • Multi-award winning: > 50 creativity awards, several EFFIE’s and  „Interactive Agency of the Year 2014“
  • Independent & local
  • Great experiences with international clients and projects: f.ex. Acer, Bacardi Martini, Danone, Hasbro, Red Bull, Scott, T-Mobile, Unilever, WWF.
  • High Quality. Low Costs: GONG NL realizes advertising across all media channels with highest production value approx. 35% cheaper than other agencies




How does business work in Germany? 

Develop your individual sales strategy for the German market 


Are you successful with your products and services in the Netherlands or Benelux and want to expand into the German market? That might prove difficult without in-depth knowledge of the market and experienced cooperation partners. More likely than not, you would have to learn the hard way what it takes to be successful in Germany.